Speaker Newt Gingrich's Remarks on
School Violence and Kosovo

Republican Women Leaders Forum

May 12, 1999

Thank you very, very much, and thank you Sue, [Myrick] and thank you Jennifer [Dunn] for inviting me and I also want to mention Mac Collins a colleague from Georgia who came by a few minutes ago. It was great to see him. This is actually the first serious policy speech I have made since stepping down as Speaker and I want to say first of all how grateful I am to be here.

I had many offers obviously, but what Jennifer Dunn has done in bringing together women leaders from all over the country is so important that when she called me a couple of months ago I said this is a date that I would circle and be here. And I am honored to be here with all of you and you'll remember, those of you who were here last year that I revealed that just as many of you were soccer moms as I was a ballet dad.

So I think that in our concern for children, and our concern for how they grow up, we share a lot of that. I also couldn't help but think as Sue was talking about the fact; it is a fact that the first two women to be officers of the House were under the Republicans. The Democrats have never had a women has an officer of the House. The first women as the chairs for committees were the Republicans. The first time we had three women in leadership was under the Republicans. And I noticed something that has not been reported in Washington, but I predict by early next spring there will be a serious gender gap issue nationwide. I just want to be clear about this as a starting point of the speech.

I don't know why there are no Democratic women who feel confident enough to run for president. But I'm proud that it is Republicans that produced the first serious nationwide woman candidate for president. Maybe the Democratic women are too intimidated by the White House style of leadership? Maybe the Democratic women are too shy? Maybe they are too busy waiting for Hillary to make up her mind? But I am proud that Elizabeth Dole is making a serious campaign and in a serious way. And frankly, I would so much prefer her to either Gore or Bradley that I am proud she is out there campaigning across this country.

For all my other friends who may watch this later on C-SPAN, I am not endorsing anybody. But I think that it is exciting for the Republican Party to have that caliber of leadership. Let me also thank you for your help. Sue made the point, which is exactly right, that with your help in 1994 we ran an entirely positive campaign. We outline a contract for America with the help of the [Republican] National Committee. We put in our biggest single ad in TV Guide. It was small print, no pictures, didn’t mention the Democrats or Bill Clinton. It said, "if you hire us, this is our contract. This is what we will do." When we elected a generation and Sue was one of the leaders, a brand new team. We came to Washington and much to the shock of people we actually kept our word.

We passed welfare reform three times. Twice the president vetoed it. The third time it was very popular. We were closed to the election and he announced that he invented it in Arkansas. He was sorry it took so long. He took full credit and signed it. But the fact is for the Republicans who fought for it today 43% fewer people are on welfare and 43% more folks are in business and working. That is a key reason why we have had a better economy, not Bill Clinton's malarkey.

The fact is that Jennifer Dunn and Sue Myrick and another presidential candidate John Kasich, who had the sheer courage as budget committee chairman, produced the first balance budget in a generation. And you are now at a point where if we don't elect a liberal Congress and if we don't elect another liberal President, we will have a generation of balanced budgets for the first time in 70 years. That has lowered interest rates, and that has been a factor in this economy, not Bill Clinton's malarkey. Let's be clear, Bill Clinton was for a balance budget after the three hundred focus groups. He fought us every step of the way until he decided that he had no choice and for him to take credit is just a sign that he is the man we know he is.

Finally, with your help we passed tax cuts. A pro-family $500 per child tax credit against liberal opposition. A capital gains tax to create more jobs against liberal opposition. A cut in the death tax to strengthen family ties against opposition and that helped the economy grow with zero help form Bill Clinton and Al Gore, except they caved in at the end and sign the bill they opposed. So let's be clear about why this economy is helping.

It happen because of your help, it happened because you were willing to work hard, elect a Republican Congress, stand by us, and make us the first. Not only were we the first Republican Congress elected in the House in 40 years, we were the first House re-elected Republican since 1928 because of your help, and the first House to be re-elected for a third term since 1926.

Now, I made a very difficult decision three days after the election. I talked to my colleagues and reached a conclusion. I have been trying to do two jobs. One to be a visionary and strategist and a teacher that can tell the truth as I saw it and the other to manage the House on a daily basis. And the two jobs weren't the same job. One job required patience, endurance, willingness to listen, a willingness everyday to get the best you can get and move on, that's Speaker of the House. It a tough, tough job and my heart goes out to Denny Hastert. He is a great American. And I think as he learns the job he is going to do better and better and you're going to be proud by next year. And compared to Dick Gephardt, Denny Hastert is absolutely the Speaker we need. Denny Hastert is a person I backed strongly because he has the instinct to be a good legislative leader. Which means he is not always going to look great in the press. That is not the job of a Speaker. Tip O'Neill didn't always look great in the press, but he was a very effective speaker for the Democrats. Denny will get the job done. He passed a budget this year, which I couldn't get done last year. And he will keep getting things done because that's the job of the Speaker. It meant for two years I have been drowning. I couldn't do what I did differently which is to tell the truth as I understand it. It is not the truth. Truth is known by God and the rest of us seek it. To try everyday to tell where we have to go. The way we developed the country.

For the last five months, I have had a chance to be around the country, to be beyond the beltway, to ignore all the babble that this city mistakes for dialogue. I have had a chance to really think about where we are and where we are going. I decided that what I want to do today is share with you some thoughts about Littleton and about Kosovo. I haven't talked on either one and I probably won't do it again for a good while, but if I'm going to come here and be with you, I'm going to try to be who I have always been, which is a person who try to describe what he really believes.

Let me start by saying, the thing that must clearly hit you when you get beyond the elite media. This is a great country filled with good people and many of them achieve amazing things. For every child who ends up on the cover of a magazine because they killed somebody, there are literally a million children going to school trying to understand their role in life, trying to be decent to their fellow citizens. For every child who ends up in a way that is tragic, there are hundreds of thousands of children who are trying to be American citizens, to be the kind of person their family can be proud of.

I think we need to start by placing in perspective both Littleton and Kosovo. We are the greatest society of freedom in the history of the human race. More people pursue happiness of more racial backgrounds with greater religious diversity than in any country in the history of the world. We should be proud that most of the time America works despite the news media mis-coverage of this country. If my friends in the press think that I am tough on them, they are right. Truth is, if Thomas Edison invented the electric light today it would be report tonight on the networks with a story which begins -- the candle making industry is threatened today.

We are also, not only a remarkable country, we are the only global super power in the history of human race. No other country has had the potential power that we have, and yet as a great country and a good society of decent people, we have Littleton. As the most powerful nation in the history of the world, we have Kosovo. And every Sunday you hear all the local self-appointed experts babble on with whatever trivial they had that week.

I want to give you my honest personal thoughts on both of those topics. Some of this might be a little controversial, and it should be. I want to do it in a spirit as a history teacher of Emil Zola, who wrote J'Accuse. A Jewish officer in the French army had been framed, largely because of anti-Semitism. The elite culture had covered up the framing. They all were going to go along with destroying him and Emil Zola wrote a public letter saying this is wrong, and because of the moral courage of his letter French society talked to itself. There was a great crisis and it changed. Captain Dreyfuss was exonerated and the people who framed him were punished.

So in the tradition of J'Accuse and Emil Zola, I want to say to the elite of this country -- the elite news media, liberal academic elite, the liberal political elite -- I accuse you in Littleton and I accuse you in Kosovo of being afraid to talk about the mess you have made and being afraid to take responsibility for the things you have done and instead forcing on the rest of us pathetic banalities because don't you the have the courage to look at the world you have created.

Let me talk first about Littleton, a great tragedy, and a tragedy that should frighten everyone of us, both for those who were killed and for the killers. Because it means any of us in any school no matter how good could lose our children and it means any of us in any home could lose our child. And we should have a national open discussion about how did we get here? How did this great country filled with good people who do amazing things allowed it to be degenerated to a point when young boys could think such weird perverse thoughts and then act on them? Where the innocent die for no good reason.

Let me give you my answer. One which I am sure I will be castigated for and I am sure my usual critics will write harsh columns about. But it is the truth, and it makes them very guilty and very uncomfortable and they reflect it in their attacks.

We have had a 35-year experiment in a unionized, bureaucratic, credentialed, secular assault on the core values of this country. We should not be surprised that eventually they yield bad fruit because they are bad seeds. They now make sense as a society. For 35 years, god has been driven out of the classroom and we have seen the result in a secular atheistic system in which god in not allowed to exist.

For 35 years the political and intellectual elite's of political correctness have undermined the coral values of American history so our young people may not know who George Washington is or they may not know who Abraham Lincoln is, but they do know what MTV is, and that is not progress, that is decadence, and we should say it bluntly. For 35 years bureaucratic credentialed unions have driven knowledge out to the classrooms, so today, you could have a certified teacher who can't speak a foreign language try to speak and can't speak it because they either don't pay union dues or haven't got credentialed and that is madness.

We keep looking at our physics scores and say why do they decline and then you find in the inner-city we have people who don't know any physics teaching physics. Why, and you have a student who sits there and knows that their teacher doesn't know. You can't have authority unless you earn it, and you can't have a bureaucratic, credentialed unionized system that has any authority left because it drives out the very skills and the very capacity that are necessary.

And most teachers are decent, and most teachers are hard working, and most teachers are trying, and I am a product of the public schools and I actually care about them enough to try to change them not just to have a mantra of paying the unions while doing nothing to save the schools.

Let me say this very clearly, and it will be very controversial, for a generation Hollywood and computerized games have undermined the core values of civility. It is time they were stopped by a society which values free speech enough to protect it. One of the great founders of CBS News, Edward R. Murrow, producer, had a wonderful saying, just because you have the right to say it, doesn't mean it's the right thing to say.

And let us say to Hollywood, and let us say to the Nintendos and the other games, if you are going to be sick, we are going to find a way to protect this country from you. And whether that means exposing movies to liability litigation, whether that means exposing computerized games to litigation, whether it means challenging the Democrats to cut off the fund raising in a verse. Don't tell us you care about children and have the people who are corrupting their lives raise your money while you tell us you care about traditional values.

So, if Al Gore and Bill Bradley really want to help America, they may lay a standard down. They won't raise a penny in Hollywood from anybody who doesn't sign a standard that says they will make movies of voluntary decency. You don't have to allow the most corrupt, the most depraved, the most violent just because you personally don't have the guts for your career to say I want do it. And they can set a standard and say we are only going to do fundraisers with producers and stars that do decent films and you will suddenly see a real crisis of identity in both the Democratic Party and Hollywood.

And I am not using that just to make a partisan point, I'm trying to make a deeper point. Don't tell us the constitution blocks us from civility. Don't tell us the freedom of speech means the freedom to be so depraved, so violent, so disgusted that our children grow up in a country where they think that killing somebody else is a reasonable behavior. And it's true on television. It's true in the movies. It's true in these games. I will challenge the lawyers of American: don't tell how you could protect those who are bad, tell how well you can help us find some solution to bring Hollywood to its senses and to bring the computer people to their senses. And I'm not for censorship, but I am for the society setting standards and shaming those who refuse to have a standard that makes sense.

For two generations, we have raised the taxes on working families so that the second spouse has no choice but to go to work almost entirely to pay the families taxes. And then we talk about latchkey kids when it is the very liberal politicians that raise the taxes who created the latchkey. But about Littleton, liberal politicians and elite media yelled gun control because can’t talk about their values and the effect they have had.

Let me set some simple standards. When Al Gore talks about god and faith, is he for voluntary school prayer or isn't he? Does he want to bring god back in or does he want to give a psychobabble? Yes or no! Don't tell where you are sort of for it and Littleton is certainly a tragedy and I certainly feel we've had 8 years of that, let's be serious. This was a mistake to take god out to the classrooms. It was a mistake to take the right to pray out of the classroom. Now are you for changing the mistake or not changing the mistake? But don't tell us that you are really worried about the consequences, but you don't want to change the cause. When politician talk about family, is Bill Bradley for tax cuts so that families have more times with their children, or is he against tax cuts. Does he wants to abolish the death tax so we strengthen family bonds or is he for the death tax even though it clearly makes no sense as a society to punish grandparents and parents for saving for their children and grandchildren. It is the socially dumbest tax we have.

When a liberal talks about values, will he or she actually like us to teach American History? Will they actually like young people to learn that George Washington was an ethical man? A man of standard, a man who earned the right to be father of this country. Would they actually like us to learn that Lincoln agonized, or are discussing those kind of moral values culturally inappropriate because we have to be a multi-cultural society where you get to pick and event your own culture? Something which historically no civilization has ever successfully done, because it means you have thirteen- to fifteen-year olds in total confusion. They are being asked to invent a reasonable civilization.

It takes thousands of years to create a civilization and then we learn it and we stand on the shoulders of the lessons of every generation that paid in blood to learn these lessons. And to ask young people of thirteen to fifteen to invent civilization. It's not only historical. It violates everything we know about how human being function and we should say something simple. Every child should know the Declaration of Independence and why it says, 'We hold these truths to be self-evident.' Every child should know the Declaration of Independence and why it says, 'We are endowed by our creator.'

When those children killed in Littleton, they were killing the children of god who have been endowed with unalienable right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I will bet you those kids didn't know it. They didn't believe it. They didn't understand because for two generation the elite liberal in academia and in the news media have babbled on about somehow getting rid of some of the western ethic central whatever. It is irrelevant of what your color is. It is irrelevant what geography you come from, when you come to American, you learn to be and American and that means you are endowed.

So I ask each of you to go back to your state to ask your state legislatures and your governor, let's reestablish teaching the Constitution, let's reestablish teaching the Declaration of Independence, let's make sure every child knows what creator means, and then lets see how the liberals try to go to the Supreme Court to argue you can't talk about the creator in class, when in fact, it is a historical document about a historic fact that the founding fathers all believed in god including Thomas Jefferson. Thank you very much, it is his language.

And so, on Littleton let's simply say, most children are good, most schools are safe, but we have been given a wake up call that the experiment in secular liberalism has failed and we had better truly change, or there will be symptoms of the pain. And every time our friends on the left babble about gun control or about some psychotherapy or some other kind of feel good stuff, we ought to come back to the basics. Are you prepared to cut taxes on working families? Are you prepared to eliminate the death tax? Are you prepared to have teachers who know something as a requirement of teaching? Are you prepared to reinstate American history and learning about America? Are you prepared to talk about the creator? And are you prepared to allow children to pray voluntarily? And if you are not for those things, you're not for the changes that are necessary to make sure that we have fewer Littletons and more children who are happy and stable. Now, let me say that avoiding future Littletons requires real change, this has been a mistake. For 35 years we have gone in the wrong direction. This is about real change and without real change wanting change.

Let me now turn to foreign policy, and let me say that I have watched with some amazement. I think it is fair to say that of all the Republican leaders in the last six years, I was the most consistently supportive of the President because I felt as a Army brat, having been over seas, having lived through experience from politicians back home were critical and divisive, having been through the Vietnam war where some American future politicians led demonstrations in foreign countries, having been through Dessert Shield and watch every elected Democratic leader vote against Desert Storm. I know how unnecessary divisive domestic politics can be. I also know that as a superpower, we have a unique roll. Let me say very clearly, I believe the United States must provide leadership in the world, I believe that we are irreplaceable and I opposed on automate anyone who argues for a withdrawal and isolation because I believe that it is our historic destiny and faith.

There is no other country big enough, complex enough, or capable of providing leadership on a worldwide basis and if we pull back this planet will become chaotic and violent, and our children and grandchildren will pay in blood. Now having said that let me also remind you. You can lead your neighborhood without fixing breakfast for your entire neighborhood. You can lead a community drive without cleaning out every garage by yourself.

Let me talk about Kosovo in a historic setting because in the last few weeks the prices have begun to amount in ways that I thought in January would be unthinkable. For 50 years, we led NATO to keep Russia out of places like Yugoslavia, which was the only anti-Soviet communist state in Europe. Now in a few short months the Clinton/Gore Administration has fashioned a policy to bring Russian into one of the places we invented NATO to keep them out of. This is a significant mistake. For the entire history of the United States, the Chinese have never been actively involved in Europe, and now in a few short months the Clinton/Gore Administration has managed to fashion a policy which gives the Chinese a voice in Europe. The escape goading in this city will be pathetic, and has to be described honestly as escape goading. Let me give you the example of the Chinese Embassy.

The Clinton/Gore Administration ignores intelligence because as good liberals they don't believe in a strong American leading the world. They under funded the reduced the number of analyst, they have two few people. They send a liberal out to run the agency in such away. This is not the current Director, but the proceeding Director and his staff that undermined the moral of our most effective intelligence agency. This first director, Jim Woolsey got to see the President one time. In fact it was a joke that when the plane crashed into the White House it was Woolsey trying to get in to see the President. I did not make that up. You can ask Jim Woolsey. So for six and a half years the Clinton/Gore Administration under funds intelligence abuses it, neglects it. Go ask how many people are there in the Central Intelligence Agency who speak Serbian, having had nine years to prepare for Kosovo beginning in 1990. Ask them how may speak Chinese? How big is the shortage in Chinese language experts in the American intelligence community? So having had six and one half years of under funding, the CIA makes a mistake, but the Commander in Chief is not responsible. The Commander in Chief is never responsible.

If in a war the President is not accountable, then what does the Constitution mean Commander in Chief? In all of this Washington babble about who's responsible, the Clinton/Gore Administration had six and a half years, almost seven years, to beef up our intelligence capabilities. They didn't do it. I forced the extra funding last fall finally and it is still too little and if we are going to be the super power that leads the entire planet we need a dramatic bigger intelligence capability. It doesn't mean you need to overhaul the CIA. It doesn't mean you don't have to re-think our intelligence capability, but I am tired of liberals yelling reform when what they mean is don't fund them, and then blaming the people they didn't fund for the mistake that was human error.

We got it last year when the Indian nuclear explosion was not detected because we don't have enough analysts and we don't have enough satellites to watch everything and now we are getting it this year. The fact is that the Clinton/Gore Administration under funds intelligence and we are now paying the price with the Chinese for the Clinton/Gore failure to provide adequate funding. The fact is, the Clinton/Gore Administration has under funded defense and god help us, if either the North Koreans or the Iraqis decide to take advantage of our current disposition. Does this administration honestly believe that nobody else in the world watches CNN?

The reason you have to have, and I'm very serious, this is a matter of life and death. The reason you have to have a military big enough to do three things: fight one campaign; be ready for a second campaign; and retain a training and procurement base for a third campaign. And [RNC] Chairman [Jim] Nicholson knows this. He is a West Point graduate. He served in Vietnam. He understands these things. The reason you have to do all three simultaneously is because you are in a dangerous world. And when you focus on Iraq and the President did for a little while in 1997. And I was with him because I though he was doing the right thing. And then he forgot it. Saddam is still there but none of the stated goals remember all the worries, the sack of sugar, the danger of biological weapons. They didn't go away. It is just that this administration's attention span is relativity short.

So Saddam is still there. The world is getting more dangerous. He is doing everything single thing that Bill Clinton and Bill Cohen told us to worry about but we're not in that campaign right now because we can't afford to be. The North Koreans are lying to us about nuclear weapons. We know they are lying. They know we know they are lying. The Chinese, the South Koreans, and the Japanese know they are lying. And they know we know they are lying. And the North Koreans are routinely irrational despite 50 years of effort we know almost nothing about North Korea because it is the most sealed off society in the world. And it is preeminently dangerous.

And then you have Kosovo. A campaign designed as though all of military history ceased to exist. As though there are no lessons of Vietnam. The very people who were opposed to Vietnam are now bringing us a European Vietnam and they have learned nothing from the Vietnam campaign.

Compare the lessons of Desert Storm and Kosovo. In Desert Storm, President George Bush, Secretary of State Jim Baker, National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell said very clearly though the theater commander Norman Schwartzkopf what is it going to take to win decisively with minimum American casualties in the shortest possible time. And they spent six-months in a majestic, slow, careful buildup of overwhelming military force. They launched an air campaign that in six weeks pulverized the Iraqis and they launched a four-day ground campaign. It is the textbook study of a how a Democracy prepares restlessly to impose victory with minimum American casualties.

Now I don't know what General Clark was thinking about because he knows better. And I don't know what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was thinking about because he knows better. And I don't know why none of the Joints Chiefs have resigned because this campaign is a violation of every rule I know of in how you design a campaign. Instead of Theodore Roosevelt's speak softly and carry a big stick, we yelled and carried a toothpick. And what has happened? The people we were protecting were driven out, killed, or raped. The people that are under the shelter of the United States of America are no longer in Kosovo. The Serbians accepted a brutal choice, we get to kill them and they get to kill Albanians. But they've accepted it.

The Russians are now reestablished as a power in Europe. The Chinese are getting engaged in Europe. We are wasting our resources. Our prestige is diminishing. And all over the world we look like a violent, helpless, pathetic country. Would you want to be protected by a Clinton Administration that guaranteed that protection meant you would be driven out of your home. They allowed it to happen to the Kurds in northern Iraq. They are allowing to happen now to the Albanians in Kosovo. And the President of course isn't responsible because he is in a permanent campaign so he doesn't have to be commander in chief unless we are seeing him step off the airplane to be saluted by military people who know better. They know this is a pathetic disaster for the United States.

Finally with the Chinese having carefully orchestrated riots because even when they try to buy an Administration, they can't always get what they want. Let's be clear, the Clinton Administration's Justice Department did everything it could to block a honest investigation of the Chinese money laundering, and we know far less today about either the Chinese stash of nuclear secrets, and by the way, I don't blame the Chinese for stealing our secrets, they are a sovereign power. They should do what's in their interest. I blame the Clinton Administration for not protecting the American secrets from China. The Chinese staged this riots, which you know are staged, because the Chinese lock up people who get up and say hi, I like to have free speech. Five years in jail. I'd like to go riot against the Americans. Can we give you a bus? I mean, who's kidding whom; these are staged organized government dictatorship riots.

We are a country without a defense against Chinese ballistic missiles. We could lose some of our men and women in Kosovo. We could lose a lot of people if the Iraqis or the North Koreans try to take advantage of our weakness. We could lose an American city, and there is no ballistic missile defense. Why, because the party of trail lawyers believes that we should have a legal document with a Soviet Union, which disappeared in 1991, rather that using the best scientist and the best engineers. And we need a crash program to apply, not just for the U.S., but a global missile defense, so that all of our allies can rest safe. And we need to adopt a very simple rule.

Let me be very clear, I'm not arguing for being in Kosovo or not. And I would actually urge most of my former colleagues to just shut up about it. Having civilian politician give their ideas about their campaign plan is sort of irrelevant. We ought to have a very simple set of standards as a country. If we say that we are going to do something, and if the President comes to a joint session, which this President should do, and should have done for three months. And how he can get away with not addressing the Congress and talking to the nation about Kosovo is beyond me. We ought to have a standard rule, if you are going to commit American forces, you address a joint session. I mean this for all Presidents for our future. We got to learn to lead and we got to learn to do it within our Constitution. He should come to the Congress. He should say this is the problem. These are our values. These are our goals. He should then say a simple thing. I have instructed the chairman of the Joint Chiefs to design a military campaign plan that will achieve victory for America with minimum cost in lives and minimum use of time. The chairman will be expected to execute that campaign and if it fails, he would be retired and his successor will expected to design a successful campaign. No elected politician should attempt to micro-manage whether or not we move Apache helicopters.

Let me just close with this personal testimonial for whatever it's worth. My stepfather served 27 years in the U.S. Army infantry. It was at the end of the Second World War, fought in Korea, fought in Vietnam. We lived when I was growing up. I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We lived in Fort Raleigh, Kansas; Avignon, France; Stuttgart, Germany; and then Fort Benning, Georgia - which is how I became a Georgian. He served his country because he loved it. He served his country because he thought it really mattered. He thought a world in which the Soviet’s dominated or the Nazi's dominated would be a horrible world. In a world in which America led, would be a remarkably better world, not a perfect world, because people aren't perfect. If you believe in God, you know how inadequate you are. But a world in which a decent country of decent people of all races and all nationalities could pursue freedom and safety and could create prosperity like no one has ever seen. Forty years ago, he convinced me that the battlefield was done when I was fifteen. This is all real, for 40 years with the help of the Georgia Federation of the Republican Women, and the Young Republicans, and thousands of volunteers and lots of donors, and the people of Georgia, I was allowed to study, to learn. I was allowed to run for office and lose twice. I was allowed to run a third time and win, ultimately with your help we created a majority.

I have not talked about any issues for five months. I have not really laid out what I feel from the heart, but I couldn't come hear today in the middle of the agony that each of us must feel for the children and the families of Littleton. I couldn't come here today, and let's be honest in the tradition of Lincoln. We should feel as much agony for the innocent Serbs that are being killed as we feel for the Albanians. We are all humans. We are all endowed by our creator. And we have to be a great enough nation that our hearts go out to everybody in a conflict. And that we want to help everybody. We want to find a way to lead a world without violence because our moral dedication, not our purity, let me be clear to my liberal friends none of us are pure. That is not what this is about purity of purpose doesn't mean purity of execution because we are humans. This has been the greatest opportunity for simple everyday human beings to get up in the morning, to love their families, to pursue happiness, to work for a living; to create a better future than has ever been created. And we have to save it domestically or we will have many more Littletons. And we have to learn to lead in the world or we will have many more Kosovos.

Sadly, not happily, because I tried for six years to work with this Administration. Sadly, the Clinton/Gore Administration has proven both in their reaction to Littleton and in their utter total mismanagement in Kosovo. The liberalism once again has failed and we have to be the standard barriers, just as we were with Eisenhower, just as we were in 1968 with Nixon who ended the Vietnam War that Johnson started, just as we were with Ronald Reagan who created the cause of freedom worldwide and defeated the Soviet Empire, just as we were with George Bush who had the nerve and the discipline to let the military run a winning campaign despite every liberal Democratic elected leader in the Congress. We have to have the nerve over the next eighteen months to tell the truth to the American people. To let the news media scream at us and to count on the fact that in the end this is a great country filled with good people and they know better than the talking heads on Sunday morning. Thank you, good luck and god bless you.